The London Engineering Project co-ordinates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities in schools and colleges in South and East London, engaging with pupils of all ages. The project illustrates and demonstrates the advantages of a career in engineering, and the advantages of studying in higher education institutes.

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Engineering Islam The Royal Academy of Engineering
12 July 2010
Engineering Islam is an annual event hosted by the London Engineering Project (LEP). The event celebrates Islamic culture and aims to show young people the important contribution that Muslims made to society particularly in the field of science and engineering. The event was inspired by 1001 Inventions: Muslim Herita...
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Did you know?

Studying engineering can open many doors...

...opportunities within engineering include research, design, development, management, production, marketing and sales. Source:, July 2008

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Malcolm Moore, Director, The Brightside...

"Becoming an LEP partner has helped us to develop some exciting new relationships in the engineering sector as well as providing us with support in the promotion and recruitment activities for the Live Journals engineering e-mentoring programme. We believe this...

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